Protection through prevention

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 changed the responsibility towards the prevention of terrorism, radicalisation and extremism for all of us. UKMS has a one day specialist training programme designed to increase awareness and protect your school.

School Leaders Must

• Understand the risk of extremism
• Ensure pupils understand the risks posed by extremist views and their vulnerability to them whilst ensuring their staff understand what to recognise as part of their safeguarding duties

Specialist training delivered by experienced experts

UKMS has a specialist training package that can be adapted into a bespoke programme for your school.
We look to challenge children’s understanding of events, radicalisation, terrorism and extremist behaviour. We look at historical and topical events to try and understand why they happened from a young person’s perspective and how, through British values of tolerance, understanding and consequences to actions – everyone can make a difference.

Recognising radicalisation and the techniques of extremists

Assisting our young learners in the front line against extremism and radicalisation is vital in preventing terrible terrorist actions. Therefore, knowing what to recognise in their friends’ behaviour and understanding the tactics, techniques and procedures used by terrorist and illegal groups to attract vulnerable young adults is essential training in the secondary school environment.

The best people to recognise changes in the opinions, attitudes and views of pupils and staff is the young learners friends and fellow teachers.

We can assist cohorts of learners by delving into these issues and explaining what to look for to protect each other.

To increase awareness and protect your school from dangers of extremism, radicalism and terrorism call our team on 0151 556 1086.

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