Primary School Services

The UK Military School deliver youth leadership and engagement programmes for vulnerable, disengaged young people between the ages of 5 and 11, offering the opportunity for young people to develop individual skills through a range of challenging personal development activities in a disciplined outdoor environment.

What we offer

Our military background and extensive experience support us in delivering programmes for learners focusing on personal development, strategies for improving behaviour and motivating students to ensure positive learning experiences and engagement with the curriculum.

Our programmes are available on a short, medium or long term basis to suit the school’s and individual/class needs. Our courses include:

  • Adventure Days
  • Secondary Ready Programme
  • Standard Intervention Programmes
  • Extra Cirriculur Activities
  • NQT / RQT training
  • Future Leaders Syllabus
  • Staff Leadership Training
  • PREVENT workshops
  • PROTECT ( Lockdown ) Training
  • Residential Camps

All courses are supported by former soldiers and focus on developing and instilling soldiering skills that can be transferred into the real life skills which are needed to succeed today.

Each programme is bespoke to your school and specific needs. Throughout each course you will receive a complimentary mid course review to ensure the programme is being delivered to its fullest and each pupil has engaged well within the programme.

union-flag-1 Adventure Day

A very popular package booked by primary schools throughout the UK. This allows the school to clearly see how the pupils interact with us and how the UKMS staff engage and deliver lessons to your pupils. Each day is designed to give each pupil an experience not to miss and we offer a tailored day for your class, year group or whole school.

These curriculum enrichment/reward days have been designed to the highest standard and include activities such as an outdoor bouncy assault course (guaranteed fun, not to be missed!), standard assault course, survival cooking, orienteering, military games, rock climbing and many more.

union-flag-2Secondary Ready Programme

The aim of this project is to ensure children feel confident when starting secondary school; they are equipped with the necessary skills and attitudes which will support them to function as individuals in an unfamiliar setting and increase their knowledge of personal health and safety. We hope to accomplish this by delivering a variety of projects and tasks which will prepare Year Six pupils as they commence their journey from primary to secondary education.

The project has been planned so children will further develop their co-operation and team building skills, as well as experience challenge and develop personal resilience. The impact of this so far has been immense in developing positive attitudes, increasing self-confidence, team building skills and improved attendance.

Building upon skills previously acquired, children will be challenged to push themselves intellectually and physically to solve problems, investigate and to ask questions. In raising the levels of expectation these designed activities will prepare children to have the confidence to deal with new and sometimes difficult situations.

Planning for transition is essential in establishing positive relationships for all. During this project we will facilitate opportunities where children can work with staff from their chosen secondary school to develop communication skills and provide experiences of working with a variety of new adults, soon to become part of their future.

Intervention courses

union-flag-3Early Intervention

Our Early Intervention Course is designed with a military theme. Using recognised military training techniques we offer a course jam packed with outdoor activities such as shelter building, camouflage and concealment. Activities are fun and promote team-building and self-confidence. We focus on boosting life skills needed such as discipline, fitness, a positive attitude and confidence building. We focus on theory and practice in all sessions to ensure each pupil can engage and at times be challenged enough to achieve their best.

All sessions are designed to enhance functional skills such as Maths and English; these will be delivered through group discussions, map, compass and creative writing. Each pupil is encouraged to have a creative and open mind throughout all lessons on our courses and this has proved extremely successful.

union-flag-4Bespoke Interventions

This package is bespoke to the schools specific needs. Each programme is designed to ensure your expected learning outcomes are clearly achieved throughout the programme. Throughout the course you will be allocated a military mentor who will on a weekly basis write a report on each pupils performance to ensure evidence is collated, monitored and progression is made throughout the course.

Extra Cirriculur Activities

union-flag-5 Option 1 – “Mini Troopers”

UKMS deliver holiday camps for children aged 6-11 throughout the school holidays. If your child has an interest in military life, survival in the wild, team building, engaging with other children or quite simply making new friends then this is the perfect camp for your child.

Option 2 – Private Tuition

We also offer bespoke residential camps for schools to focus on bringing the pupils closer together, reduce any problematic issues throughout the school holidays and also to ensure they are engaged within school and education.

Residential Camp

We stay in camp accommodation and experience many outdoor activities including team building, survival skills, military patrol movements, camouflage, caving, climbing, watersports plus much more. This 3 day 2 night residential package is available for ages 6-11 and offers a real-life taste of the military life.

union-flag-6After School Club

The UK Military School offers an after school club for children who have an interest in the military life. We provide fast-paced, fun competitions and challenging tasks for children to complete.

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