Personal Development and Confidence Programme

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The aim of this programme is to develop the confidence and leadership skills of pupils. This programme will assist in developing confidence and self-assurance in pupils.

The packages available are

UKMS Personal Development and Confidence Programme

Our group intervention is designed to work with full classes and year groups of pupils to support pupils in developing leadership and teamwork skills and self-confidence.

This package will consist of:
  • SWOT analysis to identify starting point,
  • Leadership styles/roles,
  • Communication skills,
  • Team and confidence building activities,
  • Teams that operate in the public services,
  • How to design activities and leading activities.

This programme will conclude with a “Passing out parade” which families will be invited to attend.

Personal Development and Confidence Residential

The UKMS leadership and confidence residential camp is an additional opportunity for pupils to assess and further develop their teamwork, leadership and confidence skills that have been developed in the group intervention.

This will take place on a 3 day and 2 nights residential were pupils will undertake activities such as obstacle course, field craft, command tasks, hill walking and much more.

Personal Development and Confidence Bespoke Programme

Our bespoke leadership and confidence package is designed for those pupils who would benefit from the development of their leadership and confidence skills either 1-2-1 or in small group settings.

Pupils or small groups will be allocated an experienced mentor who will deliver this bespoke package.

This package will include:
  • SWOT analysis to identify their starting point
  • Leadership styles/roles, communication skills
  • Team and confidence building activities
  • Teams that operate in the public services
  • How to design activities and leading activities and reflective activities.



*These programmes will support your school with the development and maintenance of the OFSTED descriptor Personal development, behaviour and welfare.

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